Welcome to my homepage!

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Hi! Welcome to my page!

I am a recent graduate of McGill University where I studied Computer Science.

I am a current Research Assistant at Mila - Quebec AI Institute and McGill University under the supervision of Professor David Rolnick, and have previously worked as a DevOps engineering intern at Dapasoft Inc

Currently, I apply deep learning methods combined to satellite imagery/geo-spatial data — a form of remote sensing in computer vision.

I value interdisciplinary work and collaboration. My research interests also include ethics, algorithmic fairness and societal implications of socio-technical machine learning applications.

Prior to Mila, I was a research assistant in the Social Studies of Computing Lab under Professor Elizabeth Patitsas.

Some of my favourite courses during my time at McGill University include: Reinforcement Learning, Introduction to Ethics of Intelligent Systems, Applied Machine Learning, Fundamentals of Deep Learning, Data Science, Network Science, Climate Change and ML.